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Assembly Axle - Tacx Neo OG - resize.jpg
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About ReAxle

As seen in the above drawing the axle assembly on your NEO smart trainer is originally manufactured from two parts which are joined together before being finished machined.

With use and over time these two parts can become loose and cause many issues including the disc magnets scraping the coils, the trainer leaning to the right and noisy vibrations.

ReAxle has been designed and developed to solve this problem.  Replacing the original non drive side adaptor and pulling the axle back into alignment.  CAD designed and CNC machined to a high tolerance from high strength engineering steel.  Individually inspected and then finished with a black oxide coating for increased wear and corrosion protection.

It is always best to install ReAxle as a preventative measure to ever having any of the above problems but ReAxle also works very well as a solution if you have already had the failure.

It only takes a few minutes to fit with minimal tools.

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